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Importance of Med-Pay Insurance

Why It Is Important to Have Med-pay on Your Auto Insurance


Did you ever wonder why your auto insurance company encourages you to use your health insurance coverage rather that purchasing med-pay on your auto insurance policy?  You can bet the reasons have nothing to do with your health or your wallet.  Here are some facts you need to know if you are considering saving a few dollars by not purchasing or eliminating the med-pay portion from your auto policy.


1.                  Self-Preservation:  Despite the law in California, many people drive without auto insurance.  In some areas, this figure has been estimated to approach 50%.  Thus, you cannot reasonably expect the guilty party will be able to pay your medical expenses in the event of an accident that is not your fault.  Auto Med-pay will protect you in these situations.


2.                  Protect Your Passengers:  Even though you, the owner of the motor vehicle, may have other health insurance coverage, your passengers may not.  Having auto med-pay protects them as well.  They can get immediate treatment for any injuries sustained from an auto accident in your car without out-of-pocket expenses.  


3.                  No Unreasonable Restrictions on Med-pay Coverage:  Unlike many healthcare plans, especially in managed care, med-pay usually does not have unreasonable restrictions on what is and what is not covered.  If you need chiropractic care and more than one or two modalities/procedures, it is usually covered.  If you need supplies, there is usually no unreasonable dollar cap.  If you need to go to the ER or the hospital, you usually do not have to worry about authorization.  If you want to see a specialist of your choice, you can usually do it.


4.                  Conserves Your Limited Health Insurance Benefits:  It is best to save your limited health insurance resources for other times.  Often after patients settle their auto claim there is still a need for continuing chiropractic care.  In the event of an auto accident, if you use med-pay for your chiropractic care, you will still have your limited health insurance benefits for subsequent care.


5.         Minimizes Interference with Your PI Case:  The more difficulty you have in obtaining all the medical care you need, the more likely it is that you will receive less care than you need.  Such a scenario typically results in a lower settlement for your PI case, since your total medical bills are one of the prime determinants of your final compensation for your injuries.


6.                  Med-pay is an Excellent Value:  Med-pay is relatively inexpensive.  For example, for about $50-100/year, you can have $5000 coverage for yourself and every passenger in the car.  If you are driving with four passengers that amounts to $25,000 in available coverage.  That is the best auto insurance deal around.  Having auto med-pay is a smart investment.

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