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Nutritional Products

Products Selected by Dr. Piccione

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The nutraMetrix brand of nutraceuticals (nutitional products) is a very unique brand of products that we fully endorse.

One aspect that makes may of these products unique is the delivery system.  Many come in a powdered form that you mix with water.  When you take this on an empty stomach, the nutrients get into your system in as little as 5 Minutes! These products are also free from unhealthy binding agents and fillers like many other brands contain.

Click Here to See The Entire nutraMetrix line.  You will be taken to our nutraMetrix nutritional website.

Drink Your Vitamins! 

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Are you at risk for Diabetes or Heart Disease? Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures? How do you know what vitamins to take?

Stop Guessing!  The Gene SnP test looks at variations in some 40 genes that can significantly affect your health.  More importantly, the resulting report tells you what to do about it, recommends lifestyle changes, and tells you the EXACT nutrition you need for your body.

Click on the Video Image Below to Learn More About The Gene SnP Test.

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